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Food Safety Quiz 2 ( a bit harder!!)


1. Which one of these statements about bacteria is true?


a) All bacteria cause food poisoning

b) Freezing makes food last longer by killing bacteria

c) Bacteria grow fastest when they are warm

d) All bacteria need oxygen to survive


 2. The temperature inside your fridge should be:

a) 10°C

b) 4°C

c) 0°C

d) -2°C


3. Which one of these foods is likely to contain the most bacteria?

a) Cooked chicken

b) Tinned steak

c) Frozen raw chicken

d) jar of mayonnaise


4. Food poisoning bacteria will multiply readily between:

a) -18°C – 0°C

b) 0°C – 5°C

c) 5°C – 63°C

d) 63°C – 90°C


5. The temperature in your freezer should be:

a) -2°C

b) -9°C

c) -12°C

d) -18°C


6. At work, the best way to dry your hands after washing is:

a) Using a warm air dryer

b) Give them a shake

c) Using a cotton towel

d) Using a paper towel


7. Food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria would:

a) Smell Bad

b)  be an unusual colour

c) Look and taste normal

d) Be slimy and bitter


 8. Food poisoning can occur after eating food from

a) Restaurants and cafés

b) supermarkets and takeaways

c) your kitchen at home

d) Any of the above


9. If you have diarrhoea and vomiting after eating at a restaurant, it definitely means that:

a) the restaurant was at fault and should be closed down

b) It was your meal there that made you ill

c) food safety in your home home could be improved

d)   if you suspect that your illness was caused by a food business you should contact your local Environmental Health Department who will decide if further action is necessary


 How well did you do?-                     to see the answers