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Dealing with severe blood loss

·  Expose the wound if there is no foreign object present then apply direct pressure using a clean pad and elevate the limb.
·         Secure the dressing in place firmly but not too tightly.

·         If the wound continues to bleed then pad over the first dressing.

·        If after 2 pads the wound continues to bleed then you will need to remove dressings and re-                 apply. Ensure pressure is exerted over wound

·        If unable to stem bleeding you may have to consider indirect pressure

·         Indirect pressure can only be applied to limbs.

·         Pressure is exerted over the artery to reduce blood flow.

·         This may only be applied for ten minutes.

·         Slowly release the pressure and only reapply if the wound continues to bleed.

The complications associated with a severe bleed include :


·         Infection – make sure you take steps to reduce this risk both for you and the casualty.


·         Shock – prevent the casualty from going into shock.

Blood Loss