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Our latest Ofsted grade (as part of Durham County Council Adult Learning & Skills Service provision) was ‘Good’

An extract from the report is below-the full report can be read here


Teaching, learning and assessment in community learning are good because:

 a very high proportion of learners successfully complete their courses, making significant gains in self-esteem, confidence, communication and personal and social skills. Learners are proud of work of high standards and make good progress from their starting points

 learners place a very high value on community learning and many describe it as therapeutic or life changing;

support for learners is very good; teaching is very supportive and motivates learners to have high expectations of their learning and employability and to develop independent learning

learners benefit from additional support when required including mentoring, team teaching or one-to-one tutorials or guidance sessions; highly motivated and committed tutors provide much inspiration leading to enthusiastic participation; good classroom management in a session for reluctant learners helps them all to contribute fully to discussions

 tutors incorporate a good range of teaching strategies to reinforce learning well; such as thorough checking of understanding, good use of praise, maintaining good learner involvement, clear and patient explanations

tutors have a good understanding of the learners and develop trusting relationships encouraging them to make good contributions to discussions and reflect appropriately on their own experiences and prior learning; learners generally have good access to information, advice and guidance about choices and progression to other courses

DCC ALSS Community Learning Ofsted Inspection Report (January 2015)

Below are some comments from our most recent Awarding organisation inspection reports

subject knowledge, delivery style & manner enabled the group to confidently engage’
‘ course documentation was well organized and very detailed’
‘Trainer had a nursing background & many years of relevant experience’
‘Delivers clear & precise information to learners using a variety of teaching techniques’
‘learners were able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice’
Qualsafe Awards EQA Report (October 2013)

‘you deliver the training regularly and the number of delegates attending is good.’
‘Your partnership with System RoMedic/ Handicare seems to have benefitted your delegates as you are now able to request any equipment your clients require, ensuring that you are meeting your client’s needs’
‘keeping the training current with regular updates from the Back Exchange and HSE and the addition of new training rooms to head office has made a positive difference to the delivery of the training.’
‘the high standard of training makes a positive contribution to the local community by benefitting local employers.
‘feedback from delegates also shows that the training is meeting their needs and that the increase of equipment available is appreciated. The trainers also appear to be knowledgeable and able to answer all the delegates questions.’
I can see that the course has developed in the last three years with and that the delivery of the course continues to a high standard.
‘the training is robust and in keeping with the needs of today’s Occupational Therapists’
College of Occupational Therapists (April 2014)

Learner support is excellent. I was very impressed by the level of care and support shown.’
‘Learners complete a detailed enrolment form that helps the trainers to identify and plan for any additional support that will be needed’

‘The FANE trainers are clearly a very conscientious group who are anxious to give their learners the best possible experience.’
‘ From the enrolment forms that are completed by all learners prior to commencement of the courses (and I thought these were brilliant) to the level of support given to all learners, it is clear that learners are very happy with the training they receive.’
‘very detailed records are kept of every learner’s progress’
OCN Moderation Report (October 2013)

At FANE, we value our clients and their views. As we continually aim to improve our services and training, feedback and evaluation forms allow us to gain an insight on what the students liked about the course, what went well, and what can be improved. It is thanks to this continual process of checking, improving and aiming for excellence that FANE receives positive feedback from many students. We've included some extracts from our evaluation forms below:

Trainers were motivated and inspiring, with contagious enthusiasm’

‘enjoyable and useful course with a friendly atmosphere’

‘the whole content was relevant to my needs in school. The pace was super, the time flew by, the best course I have attended in a long time’


‘Interesting and enjoyable training course’

 ‘Well presented and directed at candidates skill levels’

‘Tutor was excellent!’

 ‘Very well taught and explained’

 ‘Taught me a lot’

‘Enjoyed the day’

‘Learned what I needed to know…and more’

‘Interesting and eye-opening!’

 ‘Interesting course made enjoyable by the tutor’

"Good balance between humour and tuition, keeps the whole thing interesting. Good stuff" 

" The lecturer's approach to teaching made all the difference."

" Fantastic!" 

" Very good. Teaching good. Knowledge very sharp" 

" I've learnt a lot in one day. Brilliant and interesting teacher" 

" I thought the course was very interesting and would definitely like to do a further course in first aid" 

" The instructor was very clear and easy to understand" 

" The tutor was friendly, very informative and took time to explain procedures" 

" Educational and enjoyable" 

" Ann was excellent at teaching the course" 

" Very effective and informative, presented in a lively manner" 

" Excellent course. I have found all sessions extremely helpful" 

" Very thorough and it has helped me to assess the situation and use my commonsense with a background of knowledge so that I feel confident to help" 

" The tutor ensured the 2 day course was interesting and exciting. Making me feel comfortable and gaining confidence in this area was great"

" The course was very thorough and indepth" 

" Both tutors were very nice and appraochable. They made the course very interesting and fun at the same time"

​A selection of feedback from our customers, Awarding Bodies and of course ............ Ofsted!!


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