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Why do we need trained first aiders?

A quick test of your first aid knowledge-how well will you do?

1. Approximately how many out of hospital cardiac arrests are there each year?
A 20,000
B 40,000
C 60,000

2. For every minute a victim waits for cpr and defibrillation their chances of survival decrease by 
A 10%
B 5%
C 2%

3. If you are trained in first aid then you are advised to give rescue breaths 

4. How many people die each day in the UK from an asthma attack 
A 1
B 5
C 3

5. How many of the deaths from asthma could be prevented if hospital treatment had been sought more quickly?
A 50%
B 80%
C 90%

You will find the answers 

First Aid Quiz