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About FANE- Cost Effective High Quality First Aid training, Paediatric First Aid Training Courses  Health RelatedTraining in Consett Across the North East & Beyond

Pronunciation: (fân),
from the latin fanum 
1. a temple or sacred place. 'The priests of the Germans and Britons were druids....Nature was to some extent a fane to them'. (Thoreau, 1852) 
2. Archaic.a church.
3 A weathercock (obsolete)
4.  'First Aid Nursing Enterprises' probably the most cost effective high quality training provider in the area!


Based in Consett, Fane have been training in and around the North east since 1996 (not quite as long as the druids!)- Now the preferred supplier of first aid training courses, paediatric first aid training, food safety training , health & social care and moving and handling people, for many Local Businesses, Local Authorities, SureStarts,Schools, Universities and Early Years settings .We have continued to evolve and grow with new venues, new courses and would be pleased to welcome you aboard the fane-train!!!