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 Level 1 Award Food Safety ( Hygiene) Awareness (RQF)

 Level 1 Award Food Safety Awareness (RQF).

                        to enquire  or phone (01207) 693828 or email mike.green@fane.org.uk

Fane Ltd deliver Food Safety (Hygiene) training at level 1,2 and 3 The level 1 Food Safety Awareness

Course has a duration of 3hrs which can  also be delivered on your site - The food hygiene level 1 course

is ideal for anyone who is handling, low risk food that is served to the public, for example wrapped

sandwiches or cake and also kitchen assistants and porters etc.  Or it could be used as part of a new staff

induction. The course can be tailored to your sector eg Food safety(hygiene) for health and social care,

food safety for small restaurants, cafes or outside catering, food hygiene for school or community settings

or childcare. we can advise during the course on setting up your food safety system

(eg Safer food better business)-and we will be happy to answer any food related questions or directly

address any site specific issues as part of the course

 specific exam papers are also available for Manufacturing, Retail and Catering so we can further tailor the

course to your particular needs.

How long is the Course?-3hr course

How Much Does it Cost?- from £30 (ex vat) per person

Where is it held?- On your premises for groups of 8+

Is it for me?-  If you are a Food Handler in manufacturing, catering or retail you are required by law to

undertake some food safety training, the level 1 course would be ideal as an induction to this or  if you

handle low risk/wrapped food this course will help you to understand your responsibilities

What wilI  I learn?- This course covers the importance of the 4 'C's Cooking, Cleaning, Chilling and

Cross Contamination, along with the records you need to keep.

Is there a test?- Yes! - there is 15 question multiple choice test-  but don't worry you'll have plenty of

support and opportunity to practice and prepare!

Will I get a Certificate?- Yes, success in the exam results in a Highfield certificate, which is Nationally

recognised(RQF) and  is valid for 3 years.