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If casualty is breathing normally

1.      Put casualty in recovery position

2.      Check pulse and breathing regularly



Give 30 Chest Compressions followed by 2 effective REscue Breaths

Shout for help!

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How to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on an Adult Casualty


         (01207) 693828


REpeat as necessary until...casualty is breathing arrives to take over.....or you are too exhausted to continue......

Call 999...Tell them you have an unconcious casualty who is not breathing....request a defibrillator

.....Remember DRAB.....


Danger - Check for danger

Response - Check for response

Airway - Tilt head back - check mouth for obstructions and then open the airway

Breathing - Check for breathing

- not breathing/not breathing normally

- start compressions